Supplier Self-Assessment

You will require a DUNS number for this application – this is a key that serves to identify companies all over the world. If you do not yet have a DUNS number for your company, then you can request one free of charge via Dun & Bradstreet.

What should I do?
Please fill out the supplier self-assessment form to provide us with details about your company and basic supplier information. Use our digital Supplier Self-assessment Form for this purpose. This ensures a structured and fair evaluation of your range of products. It goes without saying that we assure you absolute confidentiality.

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Product liability insurance


Contact Person


Key Account

Sales Support

Technical management

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Financial data

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Production, technology, logistics

Which products do you offer?

Which material group do you want to apply for?Please check at least one material group!

Steel components
Plastic parts
Factory services
Cabins & Equipment

Automotive supplier directly

What kind of production are you specialized in?

In how many layers do you produce and how high is your utilization?

Which surface protection options do you or your partners have??

Wet paint
Powder coating
KTL coating

Do you have experience with ERP?

Do you have an ERP system?

How many customers / suppliers have you connected digitally to your ERP system?

Are you familiar with the handling of scheduling agreements?

Which logistics options do you offer?

Is there a demand / buffer warehouse for finished products?

How long is the average delivery time of the products we need?

Which fixation horizons (1 to 3) do you normally use?

Quality System

Do you have a QM manual?

Do you periodically and systematically check your QM system through internal audits?

Do you have an ISO 9001: 2000 certificate?

Do you have an 16949 certificate?

Do you have an ISO 14001 certificate?

Do you have other certificates?

In which areas do you perform a quality control?

Incoming goods
Manufacturing process
Final inspection
Goods issue

Are all results and test plans documented and made available to us if necessary?

Are external audits carried out at the supplier?

Are you prepared to grant us, as part of an audit, access to the areas in which our products are manufactured, tested and stored?

Are the test equipment periodically and systematically monitored?

How high is your dysfunction quote?

Substances Ordinance

Which of the following substance ordinances are the products you supply subject to?

Are the requirements of the applicable substance ordinances fully complied with by your products?

Is it ensured that all obligations ("reporting obligation", "information obligation", etc.) regarding the ingredients of the above-mentioned ordinances are complied with?

Conflict minerals

Is your company subject to EU Regulation 2017/821?

Are your businesses subject to the Dodd-Frank Act?

Can you confirm a DRC conflict-free status for the products supplied to us in accordance with EU Regulation 2017/821?

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