Frank Goldenbaum's motto is: There's no such thing as can't be done.

From small single drills to special tools to power wrenches with 600 Nm, Frank Goldenbaum has everything your heart desires. He is responsible for the correct purchase and distribution of tools and aids for production to ensure smooth daily operations. He has been intensively taking care of all these things for 11 years, without which you could not assemble a single unit.¬
"Great team, great cooperation, great product." He is happy to pay this compliment to the company. He went to sea for twelve years in the navy as a blaster on a tender, learned to be a lathe operator and is familiar with complicated and explosive things. This also benefits his involvement in the works council.

He also describes his job in the company as great, "there's no such thing as can't". Because one thing is particularly important to him, that all the things needed for a smooth process are in production on time. "Because if something is missing, there will be real trouble. He avoids this by checking and managing the stocks in the tool store and always keeping them up to date.
Control is important to him, as is control by the foundation board, which he sees as a supervisory board. Controlled, regulated paths are essential for smooth operations, "in every respect." That is his summary.

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