"Responsible for everything except oil changes." According to the head of development, design, prototyping and authorised signatory, this winged statement in the company also applies to him.

The mechanical engineer really likes his job at the company because he works in the "most beautiful place in the world," his birthplace. He also enjoys the short lines of communication and decision-making in the company. "Faster than some might think. This flexibility is the company's greatest asset, and it must not be lost. Problems are addressed and solved directly, of course."

What is brought to Atlas Weyhausen from outside is a high demand for quality. "This is very high and is also reflected in the used machine prices. weycor wheel loaders cost more used than comparable wheel loaders from other manufacturers. Because once the first 100 hours are over, they run for a lifetime. And spare parts from our first machines are still available." With his experience of 34 years in the company, 25 of them as head of development, he can look back on a proud professional life. Only one internship in another company was completed by Artur Gabriel before he started his successful professional life at his first workplace. "I received many offers for a change. None was enough for me to leave Wildeshausen." With a wink, he adds that he eventually lost his heart here, belonged to the shooting guild and was involved in the town council.

The chief designer sees the current company situation as somewhat strained. "We are currently in difficult waters. Parts availability and logistics are giving us a hard time. Microprocessors that are now used for mobile phone production are missing for the control units. All in all, the supply chain is no longer secure. The production of almost all manufacturers is at a standstill at times, incoming orders can hardly be fulfilled and suppliers are raising their prices.

For Artur Gabriel, too, the establishment of the foundation is a significant sign for the preservation of the company because, "without the foundation, it might have come to a bad end. This succession arrangement also secures the company for the future and motivates the entire workforce. Because a secure job is not so self-evident today."

Looking to the future, he sees tasks there not only in the field of electronics, but also in alternative drive concepts - electric, hydrogen drives or solutions with synthetic fuels. "Interesting tasks for which solutions will emerge."

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