Start-stop system saves up to ten liters a day

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MUNICH, 18.04.2016 - Wheel loaders spend most of their time on the construction site idling. weycor has therefore developed a hydraulic start-stop system. As soon as power is no longer available, it switches off the diesel engine - and has a decisive advantage over electric start-stop systems, as known from cars.

The wheel loader hydraulics pumps nitrogen during operation, which can be used to start the engine by reversing the hydraulic pump. The engine reaches its rated speed after only 0.2 seconds and the full power is immediately available. This is an important difference to start-stop system in cars that start the engine electrically, but only bring it to idle speed.

Longer maintenance intervals
Holger Wagner, Marketing Manager at Atlas Weyhausen, estimates that the system can save eight to ten liters of diesel a day. This calculation is based on the assumptions that the wheel loader is idling approx. 50% and is able to treat 2.2 liters of diesel per hour. In addition, the reduced operating hours increase maintenance intervals and increase the resale value of the machine as it accumulates slower hours of use. The system amortizes after two years, add Bernd Vienenkötter and Holger Wagner of Atlas Weyhausen in an interview with bi-GaLaBau editor-in-chief Erwin Bauer.

 Source: bi medien GmbH, PO Box 3407, 24033 Kiel

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