Good impression in recycling - AR 250e

Good impression in recycling - AR 250e

The weycor AR 250e, the top model in the wheel loader series from Atlas Weyhausen, is an excellent machine for service in recycling companies thanks to its impressive power.

Its final dampers, acting in both end positions of the lifting mechanism, prevent the AR 250e from swinging up which means all of the loaded material remains in the shovel. The shovel sizes can be perfectly adapted to meet specific needs with large volume shovels also available for the weycor wheel loader. The finely tuned 2-stage drive enables powerful traction which can be individually adjusted to suit the terrain conditions. The Deutz diesel engine provides massive power reserves with its 160 kW (218 HP).

The weycor AR 250e not only makes a tremendous impression with its large shovels when used in the recycling of lightweight plastic packaging – it is also adept at loading filter gravel from water extraction plants, for which the smaller standard shovels are well suited.
Its manoeuvrability and very fast loading cycles, plus clear working area with optimum vision, especially to the rear, make the weycor 250e an extremely effective wheel loader – almost unrivalled in its class – even in the toughest working conditions. The service weight is 13,800 kg which gives the AR 250e an extraordinary degree of stability. The tipping load is 8,616 kg when extended while the articulated state can still boast an impressive 7,854 kg.

Besides the technical performance data, its comfort also allows for comfortable and efficient operation. A spacious cabin with clearly organised controls makes the driver’s task much easier. The air filters are located on the highest, most dust-free part of the machine thereby guaranteeing fresh air in the interior. An overpressure in the cabin also prevents dust from entering. This is particularly useful during recycling work.

Atlas Weyhausen is the only manufacturer to equip its wheel loaders with a separate inching pedal and drive pedal function. The result: precise distribution of thrust and lifting forces along with reduced wear and tear and lower fuel consumption. Unlike a combined braking/inching pedal, the separate inching pedal eliminates the risk of inadvertently activating the main brake.
Use of the accelerator as a drive pedal is just as practical. When using the hand throttle, the engine speed is kept constant, however the angle in the drive pump is variable. Here, again, the thrust force can be finely controlled. A keypad for various driving modes is optionally available allowing you to set the traction torque at the axles, amongst other applications. This – together with the 100% electrically-operated differential lock button for both axles – ensures optimal penetration into the pile of material to be loaded with minimal wear to the tyres. This has a positive influence on operating costs.

The AR 250e achieves very impressive tipping heights, depending on shovel size and type. If this is not adequate as standard, an extended lifting frame is optionally available. In many cases, this is a tremendous advantage for feeding crushers, sifters and conveyor belts as well as for the loading of high-sided semitrailers.

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