Compaction rollers Details

Compaction roller AW 1130

Operating weight
12900 kg
41% / 46% (with/without vibration)

The weycor AW 1130 single drum compactor is made for your project

Its operating weight of 12.9 t and its gradeability of 41% (with vibration) or 46% (without vibration) are used especially in civil engineering and road construction as well as in the compaction of crushed stone, gravel, sand and soil.

The powerful engine of the AW 1130 and the versatile weycor vibration system guarantee speedy, economical work and excellent, documentable results.

Technical data

Engine-Model Cummins QSF 3.8
Emission EU STAGE 4
Engine output 97 KW (130 HP)


Speed 0–12.5 km/h
Angular movement ± 12°
Gradeability with vibration 41 %
Gradeability without vibration 46 %
Tyres 23,1–26

Operating data

Operating weight CECE 12,900 kg
Weight on front 7,200 kg
Weight on rear 5,700 kg

Compaction performance

Linear drum load 34.29 kg/cm
Amplitude high / low 1.8 / 0.9 mm
Frequency I / II 30 / 38 Hz
Centrifugal force I / II 260 / 190 kN

Deviating operating data (Pad foot drum)

Operating weight CECE 14,300 kg
Charge à l’essieu avant 8,600 kg
Drum diameter 1,390 mm
Gradeability with / without vibration 48 % / 52 %
Tyres 23,1–26 TR

(1) Power output ISO 14396, exhaust gas aftertreatment according to EU 2016/1628

Features and benefits

Comfortable panoramic rops cabin

The steering column and the ergonomic arrangement of the operating controls and compaction measurement devices ensure safe operation and help prevent tiredness. Special cabin bearings serve to cushion vibrations. Thanks to her innovative design, the windshield lowers the noise level. Excellent circumferential visibility, even in reverse gear, is established by a chamfered engine hood and a very compact design. In addition, a swiveling seat can be installed as an optional feature. Also available with air conditioning.


The state-of-the-art low-emission diesel engines that are at work in all weycor compaction rollers are up to the standards set by everyday heavyduty operation. Substantial power reserves and efficient water cooling serve to spare you trouble, even at extreme outside temperatures up to 55°C and on problematic grounds. Their durability and low fuel consumption account for their cost-effectiveness, their special engine bearings for a noticeable reduction of the noise development.

Front frame and drum

The entire front frame – with the exception of the crossbeams – is welded in order to ensure maximum stability. On wet and cohesive soils, the optional front and rear scrapers serve to remove accumulated material.The smooth drum can be converted into a pad foot drum by attaching an optional segment kit. The drum unit can easily be dismounted without a lifting tool. The front frame and the drum provide the static force.

Articulated pendulum joint

All weycor compaction rollers are equipped with robust, maintenance-free articulated pendulum joints. They cause the front and the rear end to run in a single track and create a very low center of gravity. With an angle of 35 degrees and a pivoting angle of 12 degrees, an exceptional maneuverability is ensured.

No-spin axle

Thanks to its permanent differential lock, the no-spin axle provides for the best traction and maximum climbing power, which applies to all weycor compaction rollers at all times. Whenever different rotational speeds at the wheels are caused by operation on winding routes, the differential lock is automatically deactivated and will not be re-activated unless the wheels run synchronously again. The no-spin axle is a standard feature of all weycor compaction rollers.


In order to ensure quick and trouble-free maintenance, all relevant aggregates are easy to reach via the engine hood, which can be opened widely. Maintenance-free or low-maintenance components, such as the vibratory system or the articulated pendulum joint, serve to further reduce the time and effort to be spent on maintenance.


Perfect adaptation to different types of soil is ensured by the high pressure-dependent control by Bosch-Rexroth. By double-pump system and a continuous tractive force adjustment automatically provides the axle and the roller drum with maximum traction – without any intervention on the part of the driver. This results in an automatic traction control and a noticeably improved climbing ability, especially in areas such as dike and embankment construction.


This optional feature allows you to use the power of the hydraulic units that the compaction roller is equipped with to full capacity, in a particularly efficient way. Use ECO-Mode to reduce the diesel engine revolution by approx. 400 r.p.m., as compared to the nominal rotation speed, without any loss of power of the hydraulic system. While the vibration frequencies and the centrifugal forces remain constant, the noise exposure both for the driver and the environment as well as the fuel consumption are reduced by up to 30%.


2-stage vibratory system with high compaction capacity. Two frequencies and two amplitudes can be selected for surface and deep compaction. Big exterior bearings greased by an oil bath guarantee long inspection intervals.

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