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Technical highlights

Technik Übersicht


Ideal circumferential visibility, even while going backwards, thanks to the inclined engine hood and a compact design. The ROPS panoramic cabin is equipped with individually adjustable operating elements.



In all weycor compaction rollers, modern waste gas reduced heavy duty diesel engines are at work. Large fuel tanks and efficient water cooling ensure smooth operation even at extreme outside temperatures or on difficult grounds. Longevity and low consumption guarantee a maximum of profitability. Thanks to special motor bearings, noise emission is considerably reduced.


ECO Speed

This optional feature allows you to use the power of the hydraulic units that the compaction roller is equipped with to full capacity, in a particularly efficient way. Use ECO Speed to reduce the motor rotation speed by approx. 400 r.p.m., as compared to the nominal rotation speed, without any loss of power of the hydraulic system. While the vibration frequencies and the centrifugal forces remain constant, the noise exposure both for the driver and the environment as well as the fuel consumption are markedly reduced.



All maintenance components and aggregates are easily accessible, thanks to the wide opening of the engine hood. The maintenance-free articulated joint and the low-maintenance vibration unit warrant a long service life and reduce maintenance expenditures.


The no-spin-axle

By means of a permanent differential lock, the no-spin-axle ensures the exceptional traction and the remarkable climbing ability displayed by weycor compaction rollers at all times. 
As soon as rolling turns cause different wheel speeds, the differential lock is automatically turned off and will not be reactivated unless the wheels run synchronously again. The no-spin-axle is part of the standard equipment of all weycor compaction roller types.


Articulated oscillating center pivot

All weycor compaction rollers have been equipped with robust, nearly maintenance-free articulated oscillating center pivots. They make sure that the front and rear chassis keep running in the same track and create a low center of gravity. The center pivot bends to an angle of 35°, with the oscillation angle at ±12°. Hence, part of the appeal of all weycor compaction rollers lies in their excellent manoeuvrability.


weycor vibration system

The weycor vibration system is prepared to perform any compaction task. In order to attain the energy required for the desired degree of compaction, you can choose from two amplitudes and use the automatic r.p.m. adjustment of the vibration shaft: High centrifugal forces and low frequencies for deep compaction or low centrifugal forces and high frequencies for surface compaction. Though remarkably robust, the weycor vibration system is very easy to maintain: Large exterior bearings greased in an oil bath ensure long service intervals. Thanks to its innovative design, access to formerly hard-to-reach bearings has been facilitated considerably.


Front chassis and drum

The complete front frame – with the exception of the crossbeam – has been welded to ensure maximum stability. The front and rear scrapers serve to remove material in case humid or cohesive soils are compacted. As an optional accessory, a pad foot segment kit can be attached to the smooth drum and the drum unit itself can be easily dismantled without lifting gear. Furthermore, the front chassis and the drum provide additional static load.


HA control

Perfect adaptation to different types of soil is ensured by the high pressuredependent HA control. A continuous tractive force adjustment automatically provides the axle and the roller drum with maximum traction – without any intervention on the part of the driver. This results in an automatic traction control and a noticeably improved climbing ability, especially in areas such as dike and embankment construction.


Driver’s cabin

A spacious cabin with excellent circumferential visibility and a low construction height. Individually adjustable driver’s seat. Single joystick manoeuvring for change of direction and vibration unit. Thanks to the use of special cabin bearings, vibrations are damped. Specifically shaped screens serve to reduce the noise level.

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