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  • 27.09.2018

    Spanish brochure about compaction equipment


    Sabemos que una obra de terraplén bien estructurada, con calidad y durabilidad, requiere una excelente resistencia al desgaste, al tráfico cada vez más creciente, a las condiciones climáticas inestables, etc. Sabemos también, que los contratistas necesitan equipos productivos para la
    realización de distintas obras en tiempos cortos con menor costo operacional. Por esas razones, weycor ha desarrollado compactadores para suelo y asfalto versátiles con capacidades elevadas de compactación y consumos reducidos, generando grandes beneficios para las constructoras y para las empresas de alquiler de maquinarias de construcción.
    Los compactadores weycor para asfalto y suelo son sinónimos de excelencia técnica: equipos productivos y rentables con tecnología alemana de punta. Cumplen también con las exigencias internacionales de seguridad, de confort y de emisión de gases de escape.
    ¡Ofreciéndoles siempre grandes capacidades de compactación y menores costos operacionales para su obra!

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  • 20.03.2018

    Good impression in recycling - AR 250e

    The weycor AR 250e, the top model in the wheel loader series from Atlas Weyhausen, is an excellent machine for service in recycling companies thanks to its impressive power.

    Its final dampers, acting in both end positions of the lifting mechanism, prevent the AR 250e from swinging up which means all of the loaded material remains in the shovel. The shovel sizes can be perfectly adapted to meet specific needs with large volume shovels also available for the weycor wheel loader. The finely tuned 2-stage drive enables powerful traction which can be individually adjusted to suit the terrain conditions. The Deutz diesel engine provides massive power reserves with its 160 kW (218 HP). 
    The weycor AR250e not only makes a tremendous impression with its large shovels when used in the recycling of lightweight plastic packaging – it is also adept at loading filter gravel from water extraction plants, for which the smaller standard shovels are well suited.
    Its manoeuvrability and very fast loading cycles, plus clear working area with optimum vision, especially to the rear, make the weycor 250e an extremely effective wheel loader – almost unrivalled in its class – even in the toughest working conditions. The service weight is 13800 kg which gives the AR250e an extraordinary degree of stability. The tipping load is 8616kg when extended while the articulated state can still boast an impressive 7854kg.
    Besides the technical performance data, its comfort also allows for comfortable and efficient operation. A spacious cabin with clearly organised controls makes the driver’s task much easier. The air filters are located on the highest, most dust-free part of the machine thereby guaranteeing fresh air in the interior. An overpressure in the cabin also prevents dust from entering. This is particularly useful during recycling work.
    Atlas Weyhausen is the only manufacturer to equip its wheel loaders with a separate inching pedal and drive pedal function. The result: precise distribution of thrust and lifting forces along with reduced wear and tear and lower fuel consumption. Unlike a combined braking/inching pedal, the separate inching pedal eliminates the risk of inadvertently activating the main brake.
    Use of the accelerator as a drive pedal is just as practical. When using the hand throttle, the engine speed is kept constant, however the angle in the drive pump is variable. Here, again, the thrust force can be finely controlled. A keypad for various driving modes is optionally available allowing you to set the traction torque at the axles, amongst other applications. This – together with the 100% electrically-operated differential lock button for both axles – ensures optimal penetration into the pile of material to be loaded with minimal wear to the tyres. This has a positive influence on operating costs.
    The AR 250e achieves very impressive tipping heights, depending on shovel size and type. If this is not adequate as standard, an extended lifting frame is optionally available. In many cases, this is a tremendous advantage for feeding crushers, sifters and conveyor belts as well as for the loading of high-sided semitrailers.

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  • AR 95e - AR 250e at k [north]


    AR 95e - AR 250e at k [north]

    May 2017: Our large wheel loaders working in the composting plant of the company k [nord] from Ganderkesee.

    The recordings will be completed with all devices in autumn 2018. 

    Video: Job in a composting facility

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  • 06.03.2017

    Check out our product videos about the weycor AR 250e wheel loader.

    A weycor wheel loader in XXL is a big thing for us. And more than that, our AR 250e is even great! In the past three years, we have been thinking bigger and above all, we have been thinking ahead.The new power category moves ahead!All levels of management and all departments – financial controlling, the distribution team, industrial designers, mechanical engineers, quality control, and our assembly workers – contributed to the development by sharing their experience and know-how. Our customers’ wishes were also taken into account. They were implemented on the basis of the expertise gathered from more than 40 years of manufacturing compact wheel loaders, thereby applying our high standards with regard to service life, power and performance.
    And now, our AR 250e is finally ready to spring into action: With this machine, you enjoy all the benefits of a power category that is up to any task, anywhere. In every detail, it is tailored to the drivers’ needs for comfort & efficiency. In addition, its engine is extremely powerful as well as sustainable and economical.

    Read the whole story:

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  • Atlas Weyhausen wins the IF Design Award 2017


    Atlas Weyhausen wins the IF Design Award 2017

    weycor AR 250e / Wheel loader - One of the main challenges was the development of a memorable brand identity, incorporating the well-established stylistic features associated with weycor.

    The balancing act was to combine economic feasibility with the most sophisticated design quality standards. After all, the machine remains a piece of working equipment. What does the driver need? The three-year development phase of the AR 250e was marked by intensive cooperation – both within Atlas Weyhausen and with all their partners and suppliers with more than 1,500 decisions regarding the details. Everything was thoroughly tested; the result is a versatile machine.

    More information:

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  • 31.10.2016

    Praco Didacol - New weycor dealer in Columbia

    ATLAS Weyhausen will be expanding their distribution network in South America. Compaction technology and wheel loaders on display at the expo Feria International de Bogota


    ATLAS Weyhausen keep expanding their distribution network and have concluded a contract with Praco Didacol, a business from Columbia, in order to distribute their weycor products in South America. Their wheel loader types AR40 and AR60 as well as compaction rollers were presented at the expo Feria International de Bogota. The small, agile weycor wheel loaders aim at challenging and excelling against common skid-steer loaders. weycor wheel loaders offer higher effectiveness and versatility in combination with lesser tire wear, compared to the wear and tear of the rubber tracks on skid-steer loaders. In addition to this, their fuel consumption is significantly lower.

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  • 05.07.2016

    GalaBau 2016, 14 - 17 September 2016

    Atlas Weyhausen will attend at the GalaBau 2016 exhibition in Nuremberg. Our stand can be found traditionally again in Hall 7, the stand number is 429. We will show the models AR 40, AR 60, AR 65e Start Stop and AR 75e. We are looking forward to your visit!

    The trade visitors are made up of companies from the horticulture, landscape gardening and open spaces construction sectors, landscape architects as well as planners from government, state and municipal authorities. GaLaBau is perfectly complemented by the two sections, PLAYGROUND and golf course, with their ranges directed at the operators of leisure parks, camp sites and kindergartens as well as at managers involved in the construction, care and management of golf courses.

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  • 05.07.2016

    Make a big difference while standing still.

    Our new hydraulic start-stop system significantly lowers the total cost of ownership and reduces noise and exhaust emissions! Including high-flow hydraulics from a large-volume pump.

    The hydraulic start-stop system from Atlas Weyhausen significantly reduces the total cost of ownership and lowers emissions by up to 40 - 45%.

    When a weycor wheel loader with this system is not in driving or operating mode, the engine switches off as soon as the additional pressure accumulator required to restart it has been reached. Stopping the engine reduces harmful emissions and saves up to 12% of fuel costs per day because a modern diesel engine in a compact wheel loader requires approximately 2.0 to 2.2 litres of fuel per operating hour when idling. At the same time, noise pollution is almost halved during a typical use of a compact wheel loader because the engine is not run-ning when no power is required. This also results in other advantages such as reduced wear and tear, lower maintenance costs and a higher resale value. When a pedal or the steering wheel is moved, the engine restarts and reaches its nominal speed again in only 0.2 seconds or 1.5 revolutions thanks to the hydraulic surplus energy store. This takes place much more quickly than with an acceleration from idling at full throttle or when starting with the key. During the restart, the oil pressure from the pressure accumu-lator is applied to the axial piston unit and the diesel engine restarts. The battery and starter motor are not used in this process. The advantage over using a seat contact is that the ignition plug is not required for the re-start. This saves a considerable amount of time since it is not necessary first to turn the igni-tion key from its operating position back to its zero position and then restart the wheel loader by doing the same thing in reverse. Resetting the drive to its zero position is also not an au-tomatic process with the seat contact system. None of this is necessary with the hydraulic weycor solution. With the weycor start-stop system, the engine also stops on other occasions in daily use that would not trigger a stop with a seat contact: namely, those periods in which the operator does not leave the driver’s seat but the engine is still idling because of the vari-ous waiting cycles that always arise in operation. The annual total cost of ownership falls significantly with the weycor start-stop system. Ser-vice costs are lower as only the actual operating hours are involved. Wear and fuel consump-tion are cut to the absolute minimum and are not affected by idling periods. Reducing the operating hours increases the service life of the machine and boosts its resale value. As a result of the operating hours avoided, the environment is protected as exhaust gas and noise emissions are significantly reduced. This technology can be used with any weycor machine with a TD 2.9 engine, but initially is only available for the AR 65e model. A high-flow hydraulic system with high-volume dis-placement pump is also fitted as standard. You can recognise weycor wheel loaders with the start-stop system by the trademark: “Bluetrac Start - Stop”.

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  • Weycor and Takeuchi - successful in the USA


    Weycor and Takeuchi - successful in the USA

    Ten years of collaboration to be continued and extended. Clay Eubanks, CEO of Takeuchi USA, Helmut Lorch, managing director of Atlas Weyhausen, his successor Markus Niedermayer and export manager Holger Huntemann toasted to their successful collaboration of ten years at the Bauma trade fair in Munich.

    They aim to continue and intensify their productive cooperation in the future. By the end of the year, the first machine of the latest wheel loader model weycor AR250e will be introduced to prospective buyers in the U.S, in the colors of Takeuchi - soon to be followed by the two wheel loader types weycor AR95e and AR105e, which will be offered to potential customers in the USA as well. 

    From right to left: Managing director Helmut Lorch, Clay Eubanks (CEO of Takeuchi USA), managing director Markus Niedermayer, export manager Holger Huntemann

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  • 25.02.2016

    Our exhibition stand FM 808/1 bauma 2016

    The ATLAS Weyhausen stand on the open air exhibition ground, right next to the East entrance.

    We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to the bauma team, to all our partners and especially to all visitors for their excellent work and the overwhelmingly positive feedback! We were particularly glad that our new powerful AR250e wheel loader was met with such a high degree of enthusiasm, both on the part of our dealers and our customers. The hydraulic start-stop-system was very well-received as well.

    Furthermore, we presented several machines which already meet the emission standards that will come into effect in the EU in 2019. In connection with this, we introduced a new logo that is attached to the cab and serves to identify the different emission standards: "Bluetrac".

    Machines that fulfill emission standard TIER 3B: Bluetrac

    Machines that fulfill emission standard TIER 4:   Bluetrac 4

    Machines that fulfill emission standard TIER 5:   Bluetrac TIER 5 ready

    Machines with start-stop system:                         Bluetrac Start-Stop 

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