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The ATLAS brand is now weycor - everything else remains.

We have grown with the ATLAS brand – and quite successfully so! Nevertheless, we decided to “reflag” and to move into the future.

What will stay the same? 50 years of quality, innovation, and reliability. What's new? We will continue our success story with a new brand name – and you!


Built on confidence.

Tradition is the basis for our motivation to stay innovative and to break new ground.
That's why the commitment to our founder, Dr. Friedrich Weyhausen, is reflected in our new brand name.
His belief in continuity and his vision set the stage for a successful future and for building trust, which provided us with a solid foundation and is our incentive to keep alive the philosophy of sincere and genuine partnerships.


Bright future ahead!

Powerful, precise, reliable – those are the attributes that will continue to drive us ahead!

Welcome to the future, welcome to weycor.


The evolution of a brand


50 years ago, the first ATLAS logo expressed the passion we put into developing, enhancing, and advancing our products.


Back to the roots: The updated globe symbol is an integral part of our logo.


Thank you very much for your loyalty!


“The new brand name “weycor“ may still sound a bit unfamiliar, but what really matters is the quality of the machine – and that will not change. A new brand name will not have any negative impact on the customers' trust in the quality and the prestige of the products at all. We currently have 22 ATLAS Weyhausen AR wheel loaders, and our future machines will simply be called ”weycor“, that's all.”

Jürgen Hoppe
Hoppe Gardening and landscaping, Uelzen


“For us, it does not pose a problem that our wheel loaders will be called ”weycor“ from now on. We feel that we are in good hands with our local authorized dealer – the service is perfect, and our interaction is friendly and personal. I am okay with the new brand name – after all, the machines will stay just as good as ever.”

Frank Haage, Senior Executive
Hoth Civil Engineering, Buchholz in der Nordheide


“Since there will be no takeover by another company, the quality of the wheel loaders will stay as high as ever and the customers will be supported by the same dealers, the new brand name “weycor” will soon be well-established in the market.“

Ralf Junge, Engineer, Technical department
KEMNA BAU, Pinneberg


“It would be a good idea to promote the “weycor“ wheel loaders by organizing product demonstrations and giving the employees of the customers the opportunity to test-drive the machines. This will convince them that the name is the only thing that has changed and the machines themselves – which they have always liked to use – are still as much a pleasure to work with as ever. If you provide an explanation for the origin of the name “weycor”, the market will understand the necessity to change the brand name.”

Olaf Freese, Technical department, head of the purchase station
KEMNA BAU, Pinneberg


“ATLAS or weycor – the name does not matter to us. We appreciate our ATLAS Weyhausen machines. The quality of the products will not change – and they are superior anyway.”

Henning Oldekamp
Oldekamp Gardening and Landscaping, Emlichheim


“We do not attach any importance to the name, as we would definitely rate the quality standard of the wheel loaders at 120%. We have been using wheel loaders manufactured by Atlas Weyhausen for 26 years, so we don't mind if they are called “weycor” now. They will certainly stay as reliable and the quality will be as high as before.”

Gerhard Dörries
Dörries GalaBau, Kreiensen

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