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    Technische Highlights Antrieb Knickpendelgelenk Komfortkabine Einfacher-Service Inchpedal Kinematik Schnellwechsel-Einrichtung Negativbremse

    Powerful drive unit

    weycor wheel loaders are equipped with state-of-the-art engines, which combine high power reserves for challenging operations with up-to-date low emission values. Rigid axles with planetary reduction gears and - depending on the model type - connecting 100%-differential lock ensure powerful propulsion, excellent traction, negligible abrasion of the tires and a technique that goes easy on the soil.


    Articulated pendulum joint

    Provides for excellent maneuverability and cross-country mobility. Even on challenging terrain, the low center of gravity ensures exceptional stability.


    Comfortable cabin

    In addition to the excellent circumferential visibility in the wheel loader, its clearly arranged controls and its ergonomic design.

    Easy maintenance

    Low-maintenance and quick, easy servicing is achieved by central, consolidated, easy-to-reach service points.


    Separate inching pedal.

    Less wear & tear and fuel consumption: In contrast to the conventional combined brake/inching pedal, with the separate inching pedal, the risk of inadvertently activating the main brake while you drive is eliminated.


    Latest kinematics technology

    The proven and tested weycor kinematics with its exceptional tear-out force and excellent lifting heights. The tapered loading rocker makes sure you can always keep an eye on the attachment.


    Hydraulic quick-change attachment

    By allowing you to change the wheel loader's attachments in a few seconds, it turns the vehicle into an all-rounder.


    Negative brake

    Serves to maintain a stable position while the wheel loader is driven on slopes with the brake or inching function activated. All four wheels are automatically blocked as soon as the engine is stopped.

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